Saint Patrick’s Day Cocktail Blogging: The Irish Car Bomb!

by Will on March 18, 2011

It’s that time of the year again, the one day I wear that ugly green shirt.

This blog does not endorse making light of political violence, or competitive drinking as a sport. In spite of those disclaimers, we take the day of old Eire to blog one of the few beer cocktails I’ve ever found palatable* — some others are quite loathsome –, and one that has been the misfortune of many an unsuspecting college student: the Irish Car Bomb.

All participants combine the following:

1 pint Guinness beer

3/4 oz. Irish whisky

3/4 oz. Bailey’s Irish cream

Pour Guinness into a pint glass, drop shot of whisky and cream into the beer. All participants then consume the resulting mixture as quickly as they can. The one who does it the fastest wins.

A Guinness float, made with Guinness and vanilla ice cream, can also be quite pleasant.

Fun Fact about Ireland: In Ireland they serve Guinness at room temperature, and enjoy disallowing people access to bars based upon their age and preferences in footwear.

*Jen wants it noted that she does not like this drink, as would prefer to sip a drink and dislikes having to chug

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