The Rusty Nail

by Will on November 1, 2010

It has been a long week, nay, a long month. So the impetus for this post is more than welcome.

The Rusty Nail:

1 1/2 0z Scotch (feel free to eyeball it)

1/2 oz Drambuie (again, no need to dirty the measuring cup)

Serve on ice in a tumbler or old-fashioned glass

And it’s that simple!

This is a drink well suited to cold weather. It was invented by some big-shot bartender in the 40s or 50s and popularized by Hugh Hefner, which to my mind is not a very interesting story. More interesting is that the copy on the Drambuie bottle is a bunch of flim-flam. The Drambuie people would have you believe that the recipe was bestowed upon their family by Charles II when they gave him refuge from the New Model Army at the conclusion of the English Civil War. The story is full of holes: there is no evidence linking the recipe to Charles II, and title to the Drambuie company has changed hands a bunch of times — the current owners just happen to have the same family name as the original owners (the Scots make do with just a few). But in Scotland as in the West, when the facts contradict the legend, print the legend.

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